Yes, and they're totally worth it. Say hello to Best Friends–New York's adoptable hidden gems.
By: on March 31, 2016

Soulful brown eyes. Goofy ears. Smiles that’ll knock your socks off. And nobody has taken them home … yet.

MinnieTyler and Churchill. Three dogs. All young, happy and healthy. And one big question: Why haven’t they been adopted by now? Best Friends—New York is taking a moment to explore a few possible answers to this truly baffling question.

1. They’re just too beautiful.

Dog named Minnie

It’s a possibility, right? Maybe some people just really feel uncomfortable having a dog who’s way better looking than they are. Minnie’s big-mouthed grin and skillfully applied facial highlights are only rivaled by her stunning physique, which would make even your CrossFit trainer a wee bit jealous.

Tyler the dog

Tyler, the Ryan Gosling of dogs, is handsome in a way that no dog should be, with expertly curled ears, an eternal puppy face and a fuzzy caramel-colored coat. Whatever the occasion or event, he’s destined to be the center of attention.

Churchill the dog

And then there’s Churchill, proving time and time again that it’s all in the eyes — and the underbite. This sweet boy’s disarming puppy dog face will make you wish you were blessed with whatever adorableness gene he has.

2. They’ll hijack your social media.

The other problem with ridiculously good-looking dogs is how often you’re required to post photos and videos of them. Not because the dogs want you to, but because you just can’t help yourself.

Minnie, for example, loves to be wrapped in a blanket and spoon-fed peanut butter. That’s at least 60 seconds of social media perfection right there. Churchill likes to tug at the heartstrings by curling up in your lap for a luxurious belly rub. For the best photos, make sure his fantastic underbite is showing.

Tyler, with his limitless energy and love of learning, is a trick master in the making. Teach him to army crawl or bounce a basketball, and you’ve got a winning viral video on your hands.

And once your friends and family get a taste of that adorableness, they’ll be banging down your door for more (#bestdogever #underbitelove). If you’re looking to spend less time on Facebook or Instagram, or simply don’t want your feed full of offensively cute dog photos, then sure, I guess these probably aren’t the dogs for you. #youarereallymissingout

3. They don’t want just anybody.

Of course, we know that some adopters might be looking for a dog who “just loves everybody.” A dog who’s going to curl up in bed with your brother or your best friend and confess true love for them, just because you happen to be downstairs doing laundry. “You’re a warm body with a squeaky toy. You’ll do!”

That’s not what these three dogs are about. They’re discerning. They’re looking for their soul mates.

For Minnie and Churchill, slow and steady wins the adoption race. These aren’t dogs who are going to throw themselves at you. They need you to take your time. They want you to work for it, because they’re worth it. And once you get to know them, all bets are off and it’s time to cuddle.

A typical teenager, Tyler is looking for a home where he can have fun, add a little structure to his life and successfully grow into the model adult he’s destined to be. He’s already got the personality, and then some. Now all he needs is a little love and polish.

Finding their perfect people

So, are these dogs’ soul mates out there somewhere? That special person who thinks Minnie’s big-mouthed grin is the best thing since sliced bread. That special person who isn’t intimidated by how handsome Tyler is and can’t wait to teach him clever tricks. That special person who wants to wake up every morning to Churchill’s ridiculous underbite and loves that, out of all the people in the world, he chose her.

Yes, we know their special people are out there somewhere. And these three lovable pups are patiently standing by until they find them.

Think you might be that special someone? Just contact our adoptions team via email at or call 347-76-ADOPT to say hello to Minnie, Tyler or Churchill today.