Best Friends Volunteer Beatrice
This superstar volunteer gives lifesaving rides to animals
By: on March 14, 2017

Best Friends volunteer Beatrice O'Carroll plays an integral role in helping us Save Them All.  As a transport volunteer, she helps dogs and cats get from foster homes and shelters to local vets for medical care and checkups.  Here in New York City, this support can be a bit more challenging to secure, therefore transport volunteers like Beatrice are always needed and greatly appreciated. We spoke with Beatrice about her involvement with Best Friends and her unique role giving animals lifesaving rides.

Q. What is your favorite part of volunteering?

My favorite part of volunteering is being a part of the process of connecting animals in need of humans to humans in need of animals.  It's a terrific feeling when you hear that one of the pets you were working with has found their forever home.  

Q. Why did you start working with Best Friends?

After adopting two of the most wonderful dogs in the world from no kill shelters, I wanted to try to give back some of the love and happiness that they had given me.  Best Friends came highly recommended by a dear friend who is an dog trainer and animal rescue evangelist here in Queens.

Q. Do you have any pets of your own at home?

Not at the moment.  Sadly my boys Rocky and Dante both passed relatively recently.  These days I share my energy with lots of awesome NYC animals and try to spread the love.

Q. What do you do for fun outside of volunteering?

Anything outdoors, catching up with friends over dinner and going on adventures with my three "little sisters" from Hour Children in LIC.   

Q. Outside of cats and dogs, what is your favorite animal and why?

Wow tough question.  I'd have to say chimpanzees.  They always look like they are having such a laugh!  I'd love to be swinging around and playing all day like that.  Their social structure and ability to use tools and teach is pretty amazing to watch as well.    

Q. What is your favorite holiday?

DEFINITELY Thanksgiving.  Eating, drinking, and lots of card games with my big, fat, crazy family and friends (& their four legged family members).

Q. Tell us a bit about your work as a transport volunteer.

It's great!  I love meeting the foster 'parents' and the vet staff and hearing all the loving details about my charges for the day.  The event volunteers are so caring and wonderful and positive; there's nothing better than getting a text that one of my 'friends' was adopted and knowing that I was a part of their story.

Q. What is one piece of advice you have for other volunteers?

Be flexible, reliable and have fun!