Dallas the dog getting adopted from the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in New York after being featured on Animal Planet
TV appearance leads to spontaneous road trip – and a new home for one lucky dog
By: on November 26, 2019

Chemistry. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but you know when it’s there. Well, George Conden knows all about it, because there was something about a sweet dog’s face on TV that made him want to drive three hours to meet her. It was a risk, for sure. There was no guarantee that he and Dallas would click. But he took a chance, and a long ride, anyway.  


George saw Dallas on Give A Dog a Home: Live!, a new program on Animal Planet that features adoptable pets from Best Friends locations around the country. The segment was just a few minutes long, but George says: “I just fell in love with her face. I wanted to meet her in person.”  


So he asked his daughter to drive him from his Maryland home to the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in New YorkWhen George met Dallas, sure enough, it was like capturing lightening in a bottle(It helps that she’s incredibly sweet and loves everyone.) George adopted her that day, and the trio headed home to Maryland.  


Now Dallas has a big yard to run and play in, and George is getting more exercise as he walks her in their neighborhood. It’s just wonderful having her aroundDallas has changed my life.” Now that’s chemistry.