Wayne the dog kissing a woman while on a rock next to a river

High-energy dog meets his match

By Nicole Hamilton on October 31, 2019

Wayne is a boisterous and rowdy dog, but after training, he met an adopter who understands him and helps him channel his energy into something good

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Malcolm the dog sitting in the back seat of a red car with a man and a woman sitting in the front seats

From street life to sweet life: Long-term resident dog finally goes home

By Nicole Hamilton on October 3, 2019

Two dog trainers come together and open their homes to help an enthusiastic dog learn the skills needed to get him adopted

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Best Friends New York volunteer Kath Posekel kissing a white pit bull dog

Forget long vacations or sleeping in: This volunteer would rather spend her retirement years helping New York City’s homeless pets

By Nicole Hamilton on October 1, 2019

Kathy Posekel dedicates a great deal of her time to helping dogs and training others on the dog care team at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in New York City

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