About Best Friends in New York

An Update to Best Friends (July 2021)

We are now fully open to the public at 307 West Broadway! All guests must wear masks at all times (regardless of vaccination status) for the health and safety of our staff and volunteers.
While cats will be available at the center and via virtual adoption, dogs are still only available virtually. Check out the adopt page for information on updated adoption options.

We are excited to announce that Best Friends programs in New York and Atlanta have combined forces to create a new collaborative East Coast corridor solution to lifesaving.

Atlanta programs are transitioning out of their current facility to a fully virtual foster-based model, a transformation already supporting lifesaving work through COVID-19, and will grow to support lifesaving programs all along the East Coast. To learn more about this change focused on sustained lifesaving impact, please read Julie Castle’s blog post.

Best Friends Animal Society is on the ground in New York City, helping to save the lives of homeless pets and supporting other organizations in their efforts to make New York no-kill permanently. Every day, more than 950 dogs and cats are killed in shelters across the country - but with Best Friends Animal Society leading the way, and your support, we can help our nation's shelters and Save Them All. The Best Friends Lifesaving Center in New York City serves as both a space for local pets to find homes, and an outlet for the national no-kill message, helping to spread the word about Best Friends’ efforts to lead the country to no-kill by 2025.

Located in the SoHo neighborhood, the Center showcases adoptable animals from local shelters and rescue organizations, as well as the New York City open-admission shelter. Dogs and cats are housed in a playful, gallery-style setting designed to encourage interaction and help convey the challenges facing our country’s homeless pet population. The space also features interactive displays and maps to inspire and engage people from all around the country to work for no-kill in their own communities, and to help Save Them All.

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