Best Friends Kitten Nursery

To accomplish something as big as ending the killing of pets in shelters, you have to start small. That’s why Best Friends is working so hard in New York to save kittens, some of the most at-risk pets in shelters. Often, shelters do not have the staff, facilities, volunteers, and other resources required to provide the necessary 24/7 care to orphaned kittens. But here, every day, staff and volunteers take care of orphaned newborn kittens (under two months of age and less than two pounds in weight), as well as nursing mothers and their kittens.

The Best Friends kitten nursery operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The nursery’s team of staff members, volunteers, and foster homes provides around-the-clock care for every kitten. Their duties include bottle-feeding every two hours, preparing food to fill kitten bellies, doing laundry, making sure each kitten has a warm blanket, and more. No matter the task, the goal is to provide each kitten with all the TLC he or she needs.

For New York City and the surrounding region to become no-kill, efforts need to be sharply focused on saving more cats in shelters, especially newborn kittens. That’s why the Best Friends kitten nursery takes in as many kittens as possible from our partner shelters.

Please note: As much as we wish it were possible, the Best Friends kitten nursery is unable to take in kittens from the public. The nursery takes in kittens only from city shelters and rescue groups.

How you can help

There are lots of ways that you can help care for the kittens in the nursery: